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Taia is a revolutionizing translation platform, helping companies all over the world optimize the translation process and making the entrance to the global market easier than ever before. 

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See who's making Taia's dream a reality!

Meet the faces behind Taia – a team of ambitious and goal-driven individuals, who are revolutionizing the translation industry!

Marko Hozjan, CEO and co-founder

Marko Hozjan

Co-Founder & CEO

Marko is the heart and soul of Taia. He leads the team through thick and thin and always makes sure that our work environment is fun.

Matija Kovac, development manager and co-founder

Matija Kovac

Co-Founder & Development Manager

Matija is the co-founder and development father of Taia, eternally torn between computer work and working with people.

Primoz Zanoskar, CMO

Primoz Zanoskar

Chief Marketing Officer

Primoz is a source of fun and exciting ideas that will surely help us become viral at one point (soon, we hope).

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Amarita Sohal

Head of Sales

With her experience in sales, we sure are going to reach global success in no time!

Tamara Unetic, Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Tamara Unetic

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

SMALL. LOUD. EFFECTIVE. Just like this description. Also, don’t feed after midnight.

Marija Kriz, Business Development Manager

Marija Kriz

Client Engagement Manager

You won’t ever catch Marija without a smile on her face! You can’t help but love her positive energy and openness.

Kaja Sepec, human resources manager and operations officer

Kaja Sepec

Human Resources Manager

Her energy is one you haven’t seen before. Even if you’ve only met her, you get a feeling like you’ve been best friends since childhood.

Team 13

Vanja Witwicky

Office Manager & Finance Officer

 Everything she touches automatically gets in order. At this point, we’re pretty sure she has magic powers, as we actually forgot how messy looks like.

Miha Babic, Back-End Developer

Miha Babic

Back-End Developer

 As soon as bugs hear his name, they fear for their life! Miha (aka bug hunter) catches them all, making sure our app is working perfectly.

Rok Silic, Back-End Developer

Rok Silic

Back-End Developer

The mystery man of the Taia team. He’s hiding his personal life pretty well, which isn’t easy here at Taia – so kudos to him for that!

Miha Sustersic, Front-End Developer

Miha Sustersic

Front-End Developer

With a wicked sense of humor and ability to create order out of a mess (code-wise speaking) he’s an indispensable part of the dev team.

Jus Lozej, Front-End Developer

Jus Lozej

Front-End Developer

A man of many talents. He’s a kick-ass front-end developer, but is also an artist, creating beautiful scenery on the canvas.

Vendor manager Andrea Ambrus

Andrea Ambrus

Vendor Manager

She may seem like a calm soul, but she is anything else than that.  But when it comes to work, she can’t hear anything around her. Yup, she’s THAT focused.

Alenka Sever, Project Manager

Alenka Sever

Head of Project Management

No one is as resourceful as Alenka! No project is too much of a stretch for her, as she handles them all flawlessly.

Robert Filipic, Project Manager

Robert Filipcic

Project Manager

The calmest soul of our team, yet he always manages to make us laugh, when he decides to break his silence.

Katja Filovski, Project Manager

Katja Filovski

Project Manager

Always thinking about others and making sure everyone is happy. That’s why it’s a pleasure to have her in our team!

Tanja Sukic, Translator and Project Manager

Tanja Sukic

Operations Officer & Linguist

Tanja is a born multitasker. She’s not only delivering high-quality translations, but is also an indispensable part of the project management team.

Deja Hrovatin, Translator

Deja Hrovatin


An enthusiast of everything Italian … before she could speak she already communicated with Italian gestures!

Janik Bacic, Translator

Janik Bacic


Janik is a professional translator who also works as a sarcasm generator. Not a day goes by without laughing at his sarcastic comments.

Irena Krunic Stevanovic, Translator

Irena Krunic Stevanovic


Need a translation into one of the Balkan languages? Well, say no more, because Irena is already half way through the translation.

Enej Ravbar, Project Coordinator

Enej Ravbar

Project Coordinator

Definitely the most out-going person in the team. He’s never afraid of new challenges, but rather sees them as an opportunity for additional growth.

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