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Video content is on the rise, and with it, the importance of reaching as many people as possible. When it comes to subtitles and dubbing, Taia offers a complete solution from translation to production. Quick, accurate, and available in 95+ languages.

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Dubbing and subtitles – what’s the difference?

Both dubbing and subtitles refer to translating audio dialogues (or content) inside video formats, most commonly movies, online video, cartoons, advertising messages, TV series, etc. 

Subtitles are captions on screen that translate or transcribe the video’s dialogues or narrative. They appear on the screen simultaneously with the audio

Dubbing refers to (translated) audio content being inserted into a video, so both are in sync or synchronised. Dubbing is not to be confused with a voiceover. A voiceover (usually seen in advertising messages) usually consists of the narrator reading the translated text over the video, while dubbing means that professional voice actors will replace the original dialogue with new, translated audio, mimicking the mouth movements of the actors we’re watching.

Choosing between subtitle translation or dubbing service

Taia offers certified translation services for all kinds of documents.

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Both translated subtitles and translated audio can open up your content to new, international audiences. What the best option for your project is, depends entirely on your goals and your target audience.

Subtitling can often be less expensive, since you don’t need native speakers for your voice talent. On the other hand, dubbing, or hearing people speak in the target language, is popular in certain countries, or with specific audiences. Think cartoons for children, dubbed instructional videos, or content for people who cannot read subtitles due to disabilities or various other reasons.

Dubbing is a challenging task. It’s not what every business needs, but nevertheless it’s a task that needs to be done well. Like translating subtitles into a different language, it needs to carry over all the cultural nuances such as humour, tone of voice, and the overall context.

It’s very important that the speech in the video matches the language of the target country. Even more important is successfully translating the emotional effect of the original content to fully absorb your audience. Both efforts are something that’s best left to a professional translator.

Taia delivers quick and accurate subtitle translation into more than 95 languages

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What makes us stand out are our professional translators with a great feel for both the language and context of the product. Since creating quality subtitles or dubbing is a challenging task, those skills are extremely valuable. Translating subtitles has to take into account the timing (audio and video should match, and the viewer should have enough time to read them), the dynamics of the video, and character limitations – which can be quite a challenge when you’re matching different languages such as German, Chinese, Greek, or Spanish. 

We also find a perfect voice talent for your dubbing project and arrange a complete service from casting to production. At Taia, we go through a streamlined process to understand your requirements, and then deliver on them with an extremely fast turnaround, and an exceptional eye for detail.

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