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Connect your software and get your translations in no time! With Taia’s easy-to-integrate API it’s as easy as having a magic button.

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Taia Translations API integration
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When you need quick translations

Order translation services within your platform.

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No more e-mails
and calls

A couple of clicks and you're done.

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Translate huge databases

Save up time and manpower.

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We appreciate and award your loyalty

The price drops with time.

When is API integration a good idea?

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If you need a lot of content translated on a regular basis, connecting our API to your system might just be the best solution. That way you’ll optimise your workflow and save on time, while you get the perfect translation for your needs, directly into your system.

We have created our API to be integrated seamlessly within major systems and software, allowing you to create multilingual content in mere minutes. Once integrated, the Taia API will instantly deliver translations straight into your system. Can you imagine a more comfortable solution?

What is a translation API and who can use it?

An API is basically a set of programming code that enables the transmission of data between one software product and another. Imagine it like this: Your software or platform needs certain information, so it calls the API to go get the info and specifies how this data should be delivered. The integrated API then receives and returns the requested information.


connect with Taia's API for instant machine translations
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Taia API integration is perfect for businesses of any size. It was designed to automate the translation process as much as possible, and alleviate the burden of repetitive, sizable, and time-consuming translation processes – most of which consis of back-and-forth communications with the translation agency.

Now you can translate everything automatically without ever leaving your CRM, ERP, E-commerce, or other platform you’re using. No e-mails to a translation agency, no phone calls, just a couple of clicks and you’re done.

ordering translations via Taia's API
select content for translations via Taia's API

Picture this: You open your CMS, select all the desired text fields including headers and footers, and activate the plugin. Like clicking a magic button, your translations will be ordered, and you can simply sit back and relax while our team starts translating.

We provide you with a language solution for any sudden or planned product descriptions, marketing campaigns, any number of contracts, and each and every system where you do business and deal with clients.

best solution for fast translations

How Taia API works:

The entire integration process is as easy as ABC. Contact our team and we’ll discuss what needs to be done, what kind of software we’re talking about, and what your requirements are.

Then, your developers can easily embed our dynamic translation API into your website, chat or communication system, CRM, ERP, or any system you own or can adjust code for.

Once the Taia API is integrated, you will be able to seamlessly order your translations in seconds. Simply select the text you wish to have translated and place an order. API will send the order to Taia, and Taia will swiftly assign the right translator for the job. Our automated process always makes sure to designate a language expert with matching competencies for the required field of expertise (for example, a translator or native speaker with experience in marketing will handle marketing content, but not content with complex medical terminology).

The best part is that thanks to the translation API, you’ll receive your ordered translations directly into the system you’ve sent the order from. Sophisticated, yet so simple to use. 

How does API automate your translation process?

By integrating Taia API, you first make it possible to automatically transfer your material from your system to ours, saving on time.

Then, additional time and costs are saved by our system delegating the right translator for the job.

Last but not least, our state-of-the-art translation algorithms assist the translator by providing intelligent computer-made translations, which the translator fine-tunes with their knowledge and expertise.

As soon as the project is complete on our side, it’s automatically available for your system to fetch and store at your end.

In a way, an API is like a modern assistant that handles communication and transactions, but with unmatched speed. 

The longer we work together, the lower the price

The prices will gradually decline as you work with us. Why? Well, it’s simple – since our A.I.-powered technologies and algorithms learn and improve with every single order you place, you help us build a smarter, faster, and more comprehensive solution for all. And that kind of support is worth rewarding.

Our pricing is focused on building loyalty and delivering constantly top-notch translations and adaptations that both parties are satisfied with. We aspire to assist you with all your translation needs for as long as possible, therefore you always pay only for the translations you order, and the prices will gradually decline as you work more with us. 

Security and discretion guaranteed

The fast and affordable translation solution does not mean we handle your orders without care. Our translation API is end-to-end encrypted and highly secure, and our privacy policy ensures that your data is handled with integrity and complete confidentiality. We fully comply with GDPR and take special care in making sure your files are always protected.

All translation orders you place with Taia are also fully transparent, so you can access your files at any given moment and track the progress in real-time. Forget the less-than-perfect experiences you might have had with typical translation agencies. As a modern translation service, we strive for straightforward processes, and fast, professional work.

Top-quality translation, easy to use solution

Taia platform, translation API, and all our language services are designed to be streamlined for your convenience. A team of over 2000 dedicated linguists and native speakers is ready to tackle translation projects of all sizes and industry fields, and you can always simply reach out to them to get top quality translations.

We believe that a good match between a translator and a client is essential for excellent work. Not only do translators have to be familiar with the subject they are writing about, it’s also important for them to get to know the client and their business better. That way, simple API integration is only the beginning of effective collaboration.

Interested? Contact us and let’s talk!